6 Summertime Home Improvements on a Shoestring

Getting ready for Summer

The weather is finally warming up and if you live in Britain, you’ll be ready for it! But is your house ready? Getting your home summer-ready can help you make the most of the season - and it doesn’t have to break the bank. We've put together a handy list of tips to help you improve your home on a shoestring budget.

1. Let there be light

After months of turning up the radiators and hiding under blankets, it’s finally warm enough to leave the house without a jacket - so celebrate by letting in the light. While the curtains might have spent the majority of 2015 firmly drawn, they can now be opened wide to let in the springtime sunshine. Pulling back the blinds and opening the windows will allow natural light to burst through and instantly brighten up your home with all the scents of summer.

2. Defrost your freezer

If ever there was a time to dig deep and defrost your freezer, this is it. Clean out your ice trays and make space for all the delicious icy treats that come with the season. Stocking your freezer with plenty of snacks will help cool you down on those hot days and instantly get you in the summertime spirit. If you’re feeling extra productive, you can give your fridge...

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