Make More of Natural Light in Your Home & Be Happier

Make More of Natural Light in Your Home

In general I would say that having more light in your home makes for a happier home, particularly if you work from home like I do.

It is known that sunlight plays a role in moderating melatonin, serotonin, and vitamin D which again plays a role in maintaining serotonin levels - all this is connected to mood.

One simple solution for dark rooms or hallways is to go out and get more electric lighting, but that should be a last resort because it leads to more energy consumption and puts more pressure on the environment unless you have solar panels and are electrically self-sufficient which isn't the case for most people.

So in light of that (pun intended), here are a few tips for brightening up your home broken down into two sections:

  • More Light With Renovating
  • More Light Without Renovating

More Light With Renovating

In this section I'm going to talk about a range of projects from the very simple, such as a coat of paint, to the more complex such as installing skylights, and a few other ideas in between.

Making surfaces more reflective

Although mirrors are the obvious tool for increasing the amount of light in a space, they're not the only reflective surfaces you can have....

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