Why Should Your Home's Windows Be Tinted?

Tinted vs Not Tinted Windows

Owning a home is expensive enough as it is; upkeep can be difficult and people's priorities can feel scrambled when they are faced with several necessary improvements or upgrades that cost tons of hard-earned money. Even beautiful, new homes could always benefit from certain improvements. Commercials, magazines, and the amazing house down the block constantly push people to improve their homes with similar dedication to optimistic self-improvement. New paint jobs, new furniture, better shrubbery, crown molding, de-rusting fixtures, upgrading lighting--the list of home improvements never ends.

So why tint windows, then? What makes this upgrade to a home important? Why should it take priority over other home improvement needs? Most homeowners cannot simply flick their wrists and, within a single month, improve just about every aspect of a home at once.

However, a single upgrade can in fact improve multiple aspects of a home at once. These are 5 ways that tinting, above any other home improvement project, causes a cascade of important and beautiful effects on a home.

1. Tinting Protects Inhabitants

Part of the UV rays that make extended exposure to direct sunlight highly...

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