Solar Attic Fans Versus Electrical Attic Fans

Solar vs Electric Attic Fans

Now that summer is here, have you visited your attic lately?

What? You say it’s too hot up there?

Excess heat in your attic is actually an excellent reason to venture up the attic steps. That is, in order to install an attic fan, or Power Attic Ventilator (PAV).

Why install an attic fan?

In the summer, the sun’s heat on your roof radiates into your attic, and can raise its temperature to over 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Needless to say, this bakes everything in your attic and can damage valuable stored items. The extra heat also radiates into your home, making your A/C run overtime. In a case like this, the passive ventilation from your roof soffits isn’t enough. An attic fan is needed to actively vent the excess heat.

Attic fans can also help in winter. In cool weather, the heat differential between the warm inside air and the cold outside air can cause moisture to condense in the attic. This can lead to serious problems, including rotting trusses and joists, mold growth, dangerous ice dams and damaged insulation. The additional ventilation that a PAV provides helps prevent these problems.

Two types of PAVs: solar versus electric attic fans

When selecting an attic fan,...

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