Squeaky Clean: 3 DIY Cleansing Solutions for your Home

DIY Cleaning Solutions

Every one of us knows the importance of having a clean place to live in. For those of us who want everything to be squeaky clean, every small smidge of grime on that table isn’t going to cut it. Imagine having visitors over for a good ol’ conversation. You’re in the midst of talking and all of a sudden your visitor tells you of a “spot you missed.” Isn’t that frustrating?

Out of frustration, you use an industrial-grade cleaning solution and apply it vigorously apply it on the table surface. You think you’ve done a great job only to find out that you added more to the spot. Now you have a spot that’s got a lot of discoloration instead. Again, isn’t that frustrating?

It might sound hopeless, but all hope isn’t lost. Instead of turning to strong chemicals, why not go a less intense way? A lot of times, the solutions to our problems are just lying under our noses. Say no to strong chemical solutions and go for these homemade cleaning solutions instead.

Disinfectant Solution

Part of keeping a place clean is to get rid of harmful bacteria and prevent them from causing disease. An excellent way to do that is to use a natural solution that you can safely apply to any part of your...

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