5 Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

Small Kitchen Ideas for Appearing Bigger

Few people are blessed with luxurious kitchens – the kinds that would take several hours to keep in order. They would include a closet-like pantry, a super fridge, a badass kitchen island, and enough walking space to host a small wedding ceremony!

Metropolitan cities are pressed for space so most apartments/condos don’t have the liberty of putting in your dream kitchen. Considering that individuals spend most of their waking hours in this area of the house – either fetching snacks or preparing meals or maybe dining as well – it can be a total mood kill to end up in a home with a small kitchen space.

Even if you can’t get in a few extra square footage inside your kitchen, here’s how you can create a successful illusion of a bigger kitchen. Like the wise ones say, something is better than nothing!

1. Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Well, most interior décor professionals agree that placing a mirror in a small room can make it look bigger. This is because the light entering the room and then being reflected on the mirrors can make your space look brighter and appear bigger. With the kitchen, however, it is a little different. A mirror has no utility in the kitchen. This is why, in...

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